Two questions. Can anything be done to reduce tip swelling or just wait?

1. Can anything be done to reduce tip swelling or just wait? 2. I have been told that scar tissue has formed where my dorsal hump was removed creating a hump appearance again. Will this scar tissue eventually go down, and can it be moved or molded with massage? Will I need a revision to remove this tissue?

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Nasal tip swelling

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The tip is almost always the last place on the nose to see final results. Because of the anatomy of the drainage system the nasal tip can remain swollen for months.  This is why we say the final appearance will not be appreciated for a year or more.
In some cases Kenalog injections (a diluted steroid solution) can be used to help speed resolution of edema. I often start this around 1 month postop and space treatments by about a month or so. Be patient, much of what you are seeing will melt away with time.
As for your second question, scar tissue can develop under the skin but is usually not a significant factor in the final appearance. It is unlikely that a properly performed dorsal hump reduction would be reversed by scar formation. Massage can certainly help dissolve this in the early period of its development but once its matured the only significant way to remove it would be with revision surgery. Steroid shots could be considered for this application as well but be careful as steroid injected to superficially can thin the overlying skin or cause even worse complications.
Good luck!

Washington DC Otolaryngologist

Tip Swelling After Rhinoplasty

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Swelling in the nasal tip after Rhinoplasty can persist for months, hence the mantra you will continually see: you have to wait a year.  Sometimes dilute steroid injections are appropriate to assist the process, but this is decided on an individual basis. 

Stephen Prendiville, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Tip swelling

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tip swelling can persist for several months.  Sometimes taping can help reduce swelling in the early period.  Sometimes a vasoconstrictive cream can be used.  Scar tissue does form after a rhinoplasty but should not recreate a dorsal hump.  

Reducing tip swelling

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Hello,Tip swelling is a common occurrence following rhinoplasty. In many instances one can wait and allow the swelling to resolve. Typically this will take up to 6 months. If the swelling is more pronounced or there is concern for scar formation some steroid formulations can be injected to the area. This approach needs to be done cautiously and under the supervision of a surgeon who has experience with this technique. Steroid injections can lead to permanent complications such as skin thinning and dimpling. Regarding your dorsum, scar tissue can form over an area of prior reduction. Massaging the area is a good way to soften the scar and prevent nodularity. As stated above, steroids could be injected but must be done very carefully as the dorsal skin is much thinner than the tip and the risk of unwanted skin changes is increased. Depending upon the amount of scar tissue reformation would dictate if revision surgery is required. Hope this helps.Take care, Dr. Dominic

Dominic Castellano, MD
Tampa Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Controlling tip swelling

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depends on how far you are from your surgery.  if there is disproportionate swelling, then certainly an injection with kenalog (a corticosteroid), can help bring the swelling down quicker.  this can also help control the scar tissue over the dorsal hump.  again, it all depends on how far out you are from surgery as well as what was done during the surgery.  i suggest you speak with your PS to see if there are any particular things that they like to help with the healing and swelling.  hope this helps.

Miguel Mascaro, MD
Delray Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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