Why does purging happen after chemical peels?

is it normal to purge after a chemical peel.ive gotten a few pimples and i wonder why?

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Deep impurities need to be purged

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Hi, I just added a link that might be helpful...

Hi susxo13. Chemical peels can be very stimulating to the skin, and they can encourage debris, oil, and dead skin cells to move to the surface of the skin. Remember that chemical peels can penetrate, and they start to work from the inside out.  I would recommend to always start with a deep cleansing facial especially if you haven't had a facial in more than 4 months. A deep cleansing facial will take care of any impurities that might have been hiding deep inside your pores and will prepare your skin for further stronger and more stimulating treatments like chemical peels. If you are prone to oiliness and/ or acne, please make sure that you are following up with the proper home care regimen to avoid any recurrent blemishes and to maintain the results of any facial treatment.  Be sure to see a licensed aesthetician in a Board certified Plastic Surgeon's office for a skin consultation and skin analysis to be able to determine what is causing the breakouts after your chemical peels.  Good luck!

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