My prosthesis this too high, is this normal? (Photo)

operated breasts are four days, and my implant is super high and my breasts look square. you find that normal? I put 500cc of silicone under the muscles

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Breast augmentation - implants too large

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You have very large implants which are likely too large for your breasts.   Although breasts do settle and drop somewhat after breast augmentation, your photos suggest to me your implants have indeed been placed far too high and need to be adjusted lower.  It is important that you speak to your surgeon to discuss your options.

Large implants

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 You have a combination of large implants with a tight breast soft tissue envelope and small pocket.  It is only four days out of surgery so your skin envelope and pocket will stretch to better fit the implants with time.  I agree with the use of a band over the top for now.  If after a few months you are not satisfied you may need to revise the pocket or size of the implants.  

Too high post aug

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I think this is aa reflection of the fact that the implants are too big for your pockets.I would wear a breast strap and they will come down somewhat.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Pecs, not implants

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I always warn my patients that early on, it will appear as if your implants are coming out of your clavicles.  This is just a swollen pectoralis muscle. Not to worry.

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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My prosthesis this too high, is this normal? (Photo)

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Very common in the very early post op healing phase the implants ride higher than expected. Ask your surgeon if wearing a strap or downward compression is OK? If after 2 to 3 months the implants still high than the inferior pocket was NOT dissected fully, thus re vision is indicated. 

Implants riding high after surgery

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Implants are compressed by muscle and tight skin after surgery. The tighter the tissue and the larger the implant, the longer it can take for the implant to round out and center themselves behind the nipples.

This can take 3-6 months, so in the meantime enjoy your new size and don't worry as much about shape. Make sure you follow up with your surgeon as scheduled and follow all post op instructions and restrictions during that time. Best of luck! 

Dana Goldberg, MD
Jupiter Plastic Surgeon
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High riding breast implants 4 days post op

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Hello and thanks for your question
 A superiorly full appearance immediately after breast augmentation is present to some degree in many if not most patients. This will gradually diminish over the ensuing weeks and months as the implants "drop" into the lower pocket. Superior massage exercises can expedite this process as can the wearing of a superior elastic compression band.Final appearance can take up to 3 months. Best to review this with your plastic surgeon to get his individual recommendations Best of luck.

David A. Bottger, MD
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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My prosthesis this too high, is this normal?

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Congratulations on having undergone the breast augmentation procedure. Keep in mind, that your plastic surgeon will always be your best resource for accurate assessment, advice, and/or meaningful reassurance. Also, keep in mind that you are only four days out of your surgery;  breast generally do not "look good" at this point. "Riding high" and the squarish look is quite commonly seen. I would suggest ongoing patience and continued close follow up with your plastic surgeon. Best wishes.

Normal healing

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At 4 days it is still very early in the healing process. As the swelling goes down and the implants soften and drop the shape of the breast will change. It usually takes 2-3 months to get to your final result. Be sure to keep any scheduled follow up appointments you have for his evaluation and advice. Good luck! Dean Vistnes.

M. Dean Vistnes, MD
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 51 reviews

High Implants

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Lets be honest.
No, I would not consider this normal in my patients. However, it happens in sub muscular augmentation with large implants.Your breasts are nearly at your clavicle. If this is what you wanted, you can consider it normal and be a happy and satisfied patient.  
If this is not what you want, you should reconsider the size of implant and talk to your surgeon

Richard Sadove, MD
Gainesville Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 32 reviews

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