Is my progress normal after my breast reduction? Or should I be concerned? (Photo)

Some please assist me on how to get these wounds closed. I have recieved conflicting information from my PS. One person said use non stick gauze pads, he told me to use the stick one however the wound is getting stuck in the pad and getting larger. I have had leakage and pain What can I do to get these wounds closed.?

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Is my progress normal after my breast reduction? Or should I be concerned?

Appears as wind dehiscences. Local wound care and time will allow healing very slowly like a few months. If you desire to speed up the healing try PRP infusion therapy with external red laser light. Each session fee $400, most need 4 to 8 sessions...Not insurance covered...

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Is my progress normal after my breast reduction?

I am sorry to hear about the complication you are experiencing.  These types of complications can be quite distressing to patients;  unfortunately, sometimes the wounds do look worse before they begin to look better. The wounds tend to occur where incision lines come together (where there is the greatest tension and least blood supply).

Close follow up with your plastic surgeon will be in your best interests; sometimes removal of a exposed suture and/or removal of any unhealthy tissue will expedite healing.  As you mentioned, there may be different treatment modalities recommended; best to "stick with" your plastic surgeons recommendations.

 Wound care regimens will differ from one plastic surgeon to another. Generally, this will involve application of some type of sterile dressing ( in my practice I use a non-stick dressing covered by a sterile dressing). 

You should have peace of mind that these types of wound healing problems generally go on to heal over the course of the next several weeks, often without long-term sequelae. Also important to concentrate on a healthy diet, including good protein source.  Sometimes (depending on the width of the open wound and the appearance of the scar in the longer term), scar revision surgery may be helpful down the line. Best wishes.

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