How Can I Prevent Sebaceous Cysts on Body and Treat Them to Prevent Scarring?

I have been having sebaceous cysts on top of my pubic area since I was 12-years-old. As I've grown into my early 20s, I noticed that I get these cysts on top of my pubic area and under my breasts practically monthly. Most come and go, as painful as they are, but a few have already caused scarring under one of my breasts and a patch on my lower stomach (they almost look like acne scars). I am mortified. Enough is enough. I want to prevent any more scars from ever occurring and stressing over them.

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Treating and Controlling Sebaceous Cysts on the Body

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It sounds like you are very prone to forming cysts on the body. There are certain medical skin conditions which make individuals more prone to developing sebaceous cysts.  If left untreated or treated improperly they can be very painful and result in scarring. There are topical, oral and injectable treatments that can not only help control breakouts but prevent them as well. I recommend you consult with a board-certified dermatologist for proper evaluation and discussion of treatment options.  Aggressive treatment will significantly improve your quality of life and will prevent any future scarring.

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