How to prepare for Labiaplasty out of state?

I'm looking to get labiaplasty done with a top surgeon in California, but I live in Florida so I'd have to stay out there for two weeks or so, what are some things I'd have to take/do to be prepared before & after surgery?

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How to prepare for labiaplasty out of state?

Thank you for your question and congratulations on your upcoming surgery!  Your surgeon should provide you with a complete list of recommendations but in anticipation of surgery you should stop all OTC supplements, tobacco product use, and blood thinners, and have your physician call your postoperative prescriptions in to your local pharmacy.  For recovery patients find extra pillows useful to help prop their pelvis up during recovery, as well as arnica tablets and ice packs/frozen peas to limit swelling. For hygiene purposes baby wipes or an irrigation bottle (sports bottle with an angled straw) are helpful. Lastly, non-stick gauze or sanitary feminine napkins can help catch discharge to avoid soiling your clothes. Hope this helps.

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Why travel to California

There are some great surgeons right here in Miami . really no reason to travel all the way to California! Many patients from around the world travel to Miami to have things done. I would suggest staying local in case there is a problem that needs following up on.
Dr Ennis

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Need to travel that far?

If you're going to California, make sure you're not traveling for a TRIM! You probably don't need to go there, but you definitely need to leave Miami. The only docs doing things down there are trims under local to try and maximize their money. I have ladies traveling from all over the state to see me, further south even from key west. Make sure that they are worth it (basically, are they Dr. Gary Alter? If so, go for it I like your plan).

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What to pack for out of state labiaplasty

Hello Aryanna,
Congratulations on your well researched decision to choose the best surgeon for you, not limited by convenience or cost. Ask your surgeon for a list of necessities, but also see if your time spent there could be abbreviated. You're going to be bored for such an extended stay so I'd take several good books and maybe a friend to visit some of the sites in California. My patients are back home within a few days and back to work, school, or whatever their usual activities are.
Best of luck,

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How to travel for labiaplasty far away

I have patients fly in for labiaplasty on a regular basis. My patients are told to stay in town for 48 hours after their procedure unless additional work is being done. Two weeks is complete overkill for labiaplasty and totally unnecessary. Bring a U-shaped neck cushion and use it as a seat cushion on the plane and car. Wear loose clothing. Keep pressure off the area. Pretty simple stuff.

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Travel support

Thank you for your question. It is important to choose your surgeon based on their qualifications and not just out if convenience. Our patient coordinator is like a concierge for out out of town patients and provides a detailed plan including what to do and not do before surgery. We also provide travel and lodging information that suites your needs.
Once you have decided to proceed with surgery, your doctor should provide you with preop and postop instructions as well as what you can expect during your visit. 
Best of luck

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Out of state labia

Thanks for the question.  You should be able to acquire a list from your surgeon since they probably treat patients form out of state all of the time.  I commend you on choosing  a surgeon who is experienced and not just choosing a surgeon in your hometown out of convenience. This is one of the most important decisions of your life and the last thing you would want is to end up with a sub par procedure and potential botched.  

Most of it pretty straight forward when it comes to labiaplasty what you will need in California should be no different that what you would need in Miami.  The only difference is distance from home.   Pain relievers, anti inflammatories, and whatever else your doc recommends.  I have patients fly in from out of state every week and who have much bigger surgeries and the products needed at home are the same as out of state. Consult your MD for his/her recommendations.

Big Congrats again!!! on choosing the best surgeon you could research!!

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