What are some preemptive measures I can take to "freeze" my face, so that it looks young forever?

I read about preemptive, non-invasive procedures many models undergo in order to "freeze" their youth, as opposed to treating after your skin has already been worn out. I'm only 21, but I'm hoping to freeze my look around 28. I really just want to know a list of the options out there for freezing looks before apparent aging begins.

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Stopping Facial Aging

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No one can stop time, eliminate aging or negate gravity.
We start dying at the moment of birth and accelerate this process by stupid life choices (tanning, smoking, poor diets, stress etc). Happy well nourished people age slower than others.

By not smoking, eating healthy, exercising, using the right non-pore plugging makeup, reducing your stress (ie right job and right spouse) and wearing sunblocks you will GREATLY delay aging.
Then at a certain age, a few touches of Xeomin (Botox) once in a while will greatly avoid and mitigate certain wrinkles.

Good Luck

Peter Aldea, MD
Memphis, TN

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Looking young

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There are many things you can do starting at a young age to help your skin look young.  Number one is sun avoidance and using sunblock every day.  Also:  NO smoking.  Good skin care will help your skin stay plump and moist.  You need so see a skin care specialist for this.  As you get older, you can then consider botox/dysport to help with the dynamic wrinkles.  There is no way to "freeze" your age, but you can help keep your skin looking good as you age!      

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
Coral Gables Oculoplastic Surgeon
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What are some preemptive measures I can take to "freeze" my face, so that it looks young forever?

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