In your practice how do you go about correcting your bad judgement? How soon can I get this corrected? (photos)

I'm 6 weeks PO & from day one I noticed one breast larger than the other. I had a Benelli lift, 475cc Smooth, HP, Silicone under muscle bilat. Doctor is saying I have to wait 6mts at which point he will reevaluate but I don't want to wait that long. Clearly there is a noticeable difference. I paid big bucks so that I could be proud of my chest & 6wks later I now have a whole new complexion to worry about. Bikinis tips/bras look terrible. We agreed at 1st consult 1 was larger than the other.

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Implant size

it does appear your right and left breasts are not exactly the same size, waiting 4-6 months is a reasonable amount of time to wait to see hows things settle. realize there will always be some size differences right to left, even with sizing the implants in the OR, there is ALWAYS some minor difference. This can be corrected by using two different sized implants, but you do need to heal for a period of time before you go about having another surgery as you are still healing from your last surgery 6 weeks PO. 

Achieving a Natural appearing Beautiful Breast Revision and Correcting Benelli lifts and augmentation

First of all one cannot conclude bad judgement here.  Lots of considerations must be taken including your conversations with your surgeon preoperatively, your wishes and your preoperative condition.  I personally do not like these results and would agree that these results are not beautiful, but not everyone would.  Most surgeons use high profile round implants under the muscle and  deliver very similar results that many patients are happy with.  There are also many factors that are outside of the surgeon's control that may affect the rest during healing.  I personally do not like the aesthetics of under-the-muscle / dual-plane augmentations with high profile implants and do not offer this kind of procedure and result in my practice.  Also it is important to note that the Benelli style lift always expands radially and does not tend to deliver beautiful results.  I do not offer this technique in my practice but many surgeons perform it when their patients are adamant about minimizing the scars.  If the flatness at the top and round "rock in a sock" look starts to bothers you, you would be better served with a supported subfascial placement of a lower profile anatomically shaped implant.  This would allow a more natural draping of the breast.  If i were to do this I would also probably revise your benelli lift into a short scar vertical pattern.  I perform Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation to achieve a natural appearing breast form.  That being said, if it is just asymmetry that bothers you I would recommend sticking with your surgeons recommendations and waiting for things to stabilize and give your current surgeon the opportunity to address your concerns.  Little adjustments can easily be done with local anesthesia in the office. Again your results are consistent with what most plastic surgeons deliver and the asymmetry is a rather trivial correction.  It is always best to maintain a respectful doctor patient relationship with your surgeon no matter which path you choose.  I hope this helps!

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In your practice how do you go about correcting your bad judgement? How soon can I get this corrected?

First, the benelli lift has limited value and is not in my opinion a tool useful in achieving the best looking breasts. Without pre-op photos- it's impossible to give you the best answer. After reviewing your pre-op photos it may be revealed - that a real anchor mastopexy may have been indicated- and possibly suggested by your Surgeon.I suggest - since you made your surgical decision that you follow your Doctor's advice.

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In your practice how do you go about correcting your bad judgement?

I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast augmentation/lifting surgery.  Although I understand your desire to undergo revision breast surgery ASAP,  I think that it will be your best interests to follow your plastic surgeon's advice and wait six months or longer.  It will take that long for the breast to reach a "steady-state" allowing for determination of what needs to be done to improve your outcome.

 Generally speaking, in cases where an unfavorable outcomes are present it is best for patients to discuss their concerns in a calm/constructive fashion; most plastic surgeons very much want their patients to be pleased and will do everything they can to improve outcomes.  On the other hand, an accusatory stance taken by a patient does not end up working out well for anybody involved.  For example, I would suggest avoiding using inflammatory term such as "botched" or "bad judgement"... Overall, staying emotionally even keel tends to be helpful in these cases.

 My best advice:  patience,  continued close follow up with your plastic surgeon, and clear/respectful communication.  Working together you will come up with a good plan to achieve an outcome you will be happier with.  Best wishes.

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