Potential for Fat Loss Around eyes/Cheekbones with Thermage CPT?

I would like to get Thermage CPT around my eye area. However, I am very concerned about losing fat on my cheek bones and orbital zone, resulting in more loose skin. What are the chances of Thermage CPT destroying fat? I understand a qualified person needs to do this procedure, but even qualified people make mistakes with a machine. Is the machine somewhat fool proof or is it very dangerous with a high likely hood of fat loss, if there is a slight mistake in the settings?

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Thermage and Side Effects

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There were reports of the old Thermage laser which caused fat loss in the face.  The newer technology with the Thermage CPT tip does not have that problem.  Thermage is an excellent laser for skin tightening and under the proper physician's guidance you should have great results.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

Can Thermage (Radiofrequency) cause fat loss in the face

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Early in the use of the first  generation of Thermage fat loss was encountered because physicians were pushing higher levels of energy trying to receive better results.  We now know that the skin tightening sweet spot is 42 degrees Celsius, a temperature which feels warm but not painful.  Hotter does not work better, so as long as skin temperature is kept at 42 and not more than 45, the results are good and fat will be fine.

Stephen Mandy, MD
Miami Dermatologic Surgeon
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