Possibilities To Get Pregnant After The Bypass?

Life after the bypass surgery, Is it possible for someone to get pregnant after the procedure? I haven't done the procedure yet. Before I do decide to undergo the surgery. I'm hoping after the surgery is completed. How many years should I wait to have another child. I already have a five year old. I was hoping five years from now to get pregnant again. I plan on doing the bypass in the summer of 2017. Please and thank you for all the advice's.

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Pregnancy After Gastric Bypass

12-18 months after surgery is considered an acceptable time-frame to wait before attempting to become pregnant. In terms of gastric bypass, pregnancy outcomes within the first year after weight-loss surgery revealed no pregnancy complications or adverse fetal outcomes. It is important to be in communication with your Bariatric Surgeon and OBGYN in order to make the best decision for you. They have a full understanding of your medical history and are able to monitor your progress after surgery.  

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