Wish photos after I lose 20 - 30 pounds can my wish become realistic or not? (photos)

Wish photos I choose a few is it unrealistic or can I actually have curves after I lose 20-30pounds like the photos I chosen and if I were to be realistic and i can get those curves what procedure would u recommend I get to have those curves and that kind of.figure

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Wish photos after I lose 20 - 30 pounds can my wish become realistic or not?

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Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.. A surgen cannot promise specific results based on wish pictures, but you truly have a nice shape to have after lipo those results, good luck finding your surgeon !!

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BBL/buttock implants

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Thank you for your question and photographs.

Without seeing pictures of you, it is hard to determine this. I would recommend scheduling a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to have a physical examination performed and review of your medical history to see if you are a good candidate to undergo cosmetic surgery. One thing your wish pics have in common is that they all have smaller waists, bigger hips and large buttocks. This can be achieved with a BBL or the combination of buttock implants with fat grafting. When it comes to Brazilian butt lifts and achieving your cosmetic goals, there are several factors that have to be considered; how much fat the patient has to harvest, what areas you can harvest the fat from and how much to safely reinject into the buttocks for optimal fat survival. Sometimes it is a good idea to stage a BBL so you can increase the chance of fat survival because if you reinject too much at once, you have a higher chance of it not all surviving. When I perform a BBL, I will evaluate the patient’s body to make sure that they are a good candidate for the Brazilian butt lift. It will also be assessed as to which areas will be liposuctioned. Depending on the amount of fat necessary to fill the buttocks/hip area, multiple donor sites on the body may be considered. After liposuction has been performed, a closed sterile system is used which ensures the fat tissue is never exposed to the air. This keeps it safe and purified for reinjection into the buttocks/hips. Our plastic surgery office uses P188, a triple-wash antibiotic that sterilizes the tissue and separates the healthy fat from any tissue that may not survive the transfer process. I will then reinject the fat to make sure that the layering is done properly, effectively and that the results are smooth and shapely. If you do not have enough fat to achieve your cosmetic goals then you may want to consider the combination of buttock implants along with fat grafting. I hope this helps.
Best of luck in your endeavors!

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It is hard to give you advise without pictures of your own,all pictures you provided look different, best of luck! 

Wish photos after I lose 20 - 30 pounds can my wish become realistic or not?

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We need to see current photos of you in order to give advice on whether your wish photos are realistic. Also, you posted several wish photos and they are all different. 

Can I get the curves I want?

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Hi, this question is difficult to answer without evaluating you in person. In general if you need to lose a large amount of weight, this is best done with diet and exercise. Liposuction and fat transfer can help sculpt curves and redistribute fat in to desired areas. When performed properly this is a powerful technique to achieve your desired curves. 

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Having Realistic Expectations For Plastic Surgery

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Without knowing what you look like currently, it is impossible to know if your expectations are realistic. My advice: always strive to look like the best version of yourself, not like someone else as this will almost always cause disappointment. And until you've met one of these "wish" looks in person, please never forget that Photoshop and filters can give curves and physiques that are not possible in real life. For realistic expectations, review the before and after photos of a plastic surgeon's results to see if s/he can give you the look you would be happy with. Best of luck! 

Your Question is impossible to answer responsibly without an examination and careful discussion

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Hi there-

In order to have a proper understanding of the causes of your current appearance, your options for safe and effective improvement, and realistic expectations for your outcome from any particular procedure, it would be necessary for you to visit a qualified surgeon for a consultation. Find surgeons whose work demonstrates the quality you seek and discuss these issues with them in person.

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