Got Nose Job 6 days ago; Unsatisfied; Will it change to how I want it to be or will I need a revision? (photos)

I know it's early to judge but it looks too round with MORE non-existant tip now &i think looks worse. The doc put cartilage in my bridge; How much can it RLLY change as far as healing/swelling going down? I do have thick skin but is this not the general shape? the goal was more defined tip & smaller nostrils. Didn't give him a pic showing exactly what I want (he didn't ask for 1) but he basically took the words out of my mouth so i trusted what he was gonna do. i see the doc again in 2days

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Got Nose Job 6 days ago; Unsatisfied; Will it change to how I want it to be or will I need a revision?

You're right it's far too early to judge. Curious- why you don't have a splint in place at this point- I would expect it to be there especially if you had bony work done..? If you discussed nostril narrowing- and did not receive it- then I would discuss why -- with your Surgeon. It is essential to have complete and thorough dialog and communication between the patient and Operating Surgeon prior to undergoing the procedure.

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Revision After Six Days Post-Op

Please do not torture yourself!  It is extremely difficult for patients to be patient.  It is completely understandable that you want to see your results immediately, but please keep in mind that swelling can distort the most beautiful result -- and swelling is temporary.  We surgeons are here for our patients. If you are having anxiety, please call your original surgeon and tell him.  Sometimes it can be very helpful to have an educational conversation with your surgeon so that you can learn why swelling takes place.  I hope this helps to put your mind at ease.  

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Rhinoplasty: 6 Days Postop

Having made the decision to have a surgical procedure, you have to be realistic about the healing process. Making a decision about how your nose looks at 6 days is unproductive and wasted anxiety.  It is very early in a healing process that will take one year or more.  These conversations will be more productive with your Surgeon who can give you the reassurance you need during your visits. 

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