Is this normal? (Photo)

When I lift my arms the middle looks weird 3 months post op

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3 months post op, some advices:

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Thanks for the question.

I recommend you to talk with your plastic surgeon as soon as possible and to have a personal evaluation.

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Is this normal?

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Best to seek in person paid second opinions from only private practice boarded PSs in MIAMI. Appears as a medial dog ear deformity/scars.

Mild irregular contour after breast lift and implants

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Without more information, it's hard to answer your question.  It looks like you have breast lift scars along with breast implants.  If so, this minor irregularity could be considered normal.  When you raise your arms, the implants are displaced upwards and leave behind the slight hollow area.  Be sure to discuss this with your PS, but from what I can tell in this photo, it looks fine.

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