Is it normal to have this open wound 3 weeks Post-op from Breast reduction/lift with implant? (photos)

3 weeks post op from a Breast reduction/lift with a silicone implant. Healing has been fine, though I did notice a smell and had some oozing from nipple. Today peeling away the steri strips, I realized that a part of the incision around my areola had opened and there was puss. Is this normal, should I be concerned, and what should I do? I consulted with my PS via email and he said everything looks normal, and to keep clean, wash 3x a day with antibacterial soap and not to use any ointment.

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Is it normal to have this open wound 3 weeks Post-op from Breast reduction/lift with implant? (photos)

Even though is not normal is not uncommon, and is not a big deal. It is what we call "dehyscense".

This will close by its own approximately in 1 week, I would recommend you to use Triple Ointment in the site and a dry band aid over it during the day, and with no band over the night.

Please contact your surgeon for his recommendations.

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Open wound after breast surgery. Some advices:

Thanks for sharing your concerns with us! 

I recommend you to visit your plastic surgeon as soon as possible and to follow his advices. 

Hope you get better soon, 
Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes.-

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I think you need to go see your PS.  There may be a small infection in the area or even a stitch which needs to be removed.  Insist on an appointment.

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Is it normal to have this open wound 3 weeks Post-op from Breast reduction/lift with implant?

Consulting via email IS NOT as good as IN PERSON follow up visits! Go see your chosen surgeon NOW. This most likely is nothing but for peace of mind see your surgeon. 

Wound after Breast Lift/Breast Implants

Sorry to hear about your issue.  While this isn't entirely normal after surgery, it should heal with time.  It is possible that you have a separation of your surgical incision, what we call a dehiscence.  There may be an underlying infection that caused this.  While I agree with your surgeon's recommendations, I would put you on antibiotics as well.  If you are able to see your surgeon, I would do this as soon as possible.  Best wishes for your recovery.  

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Is it normal to have this open wound 3 weeks Post-op from Breast reduction/lift with implant?

Superficial wound separation is not terribly uncommon after a breast augmentation/mastopexy procedure, especially if a large implant is used.  These wounds typically heal fairly well with simple wound care/dressings under the management of your surgeon.  Close surveillance on the part of your surgeon is necessary to ensure that the problem is not more serious.  If the wound leads to a widened scar once healing is complete, the surgeon is usually more than happy to revise the scar for an improved final result.  Follow your surgeons recommendations through the process.

Is it normal to have this open wound 3 weeks Post-op from Breast reduction/lift with implant?

 I am sorry to hear about the complication you are experiencing.
Superficial separation of incision lines happen occasionally after breast augmentation/lifting operations. Most of the time these incisions go on to heal nicely without further intervention ( except possible suture removal). However, infrequently, an underlying implant may be involved; this becomes a much more serious problem.

Generally, close follow-up with the plastic surgeon involved is important to help with management of the incision line, removal of any deeper sutures that may delay healing, antibiotic coverage if necessary and evaluation of the wound for signs of infection and/or underlying breast implant involvement.
I hope this helps.

Pus post lift

This is probably one of the buried sutures that is coming through so I would monitor my temp,clean with a little peroxide and antibacterial ointment and see your surgeon.

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Open wound

hello. thank you  for  the  question is  very interesting and  I  know  a  lot  of  patients  has  the  same  concern  that  you  do.  it  is   frequent a open in  the wound  around  the  3er week , without this being a major problem,  usually occurs in the third week when patients feel in great shape and lose their fear of performing daily activities. it  I s important to  mention  that one of the most delicate surgeries are breast and  it  is  not good  to  push  or pull until your  doctor  give  you  permission  to  do  so. . I recommend you visit your plastic surgeon is the best person to follow  you  up, call him and follow  his  instructions.

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