Does this look normal after 3 days? Will these "dog ears" go away? (photos)

I have been wanting a tummy tuck for 6 years and I finally got one, but this looks horrible! Is this what the finish product suppose to look like? Will these wrinkles or "dog ears" be permanent? I would greatly appreciate answers! Thank you!

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Does this look normal after 3 days? Will these "dog ears" go away?

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Thank you for your question and photograph.  At three days you have a fair amount of swelling taking place, and your tissues have not had time to mature and return to a natural appearance.  Your tummy tuck incision does not demonstrate any large dog ears, but does show some mild pleating of the skin that will soften and relax in time.  I know waiting is difficult, but judge your results at 4-6 months after surgery as most of your breast and stomach changes should have occurred by then.  Hope this helps.

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Unhappy 3 days Post Op

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I think you are referring to the "pleating" along the tummy tuck suture line (as opposed to dog ears). You truly can not assess your results only 3 days after surgery. This is one of the most difficult things to impart to patients. Please be patient as things will change a lot over the next 3-6 months. It is likely those pleats will settle out.

3 days after TT

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Thank you for your question. You are in very early phase of healing. For day three you look good. You need to give at least 3-4 months for things to settle and reevaluate. Please follow instructions from your PS

Does this look normal after 3 days? Will these "dog ears" go away?

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To early to be sure. Seems some shotcuts to shorten the length of the incision were attempted. Only after 3 months healing could we tell if revision will be needed. My guess is YES, a revision of the complete scar with excision of the dog ears is an 85% chance. Sorry. BTW whom was the surgeon.???

What to expect right after a tummy tuck

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We often refer to those multiple small wrinkles along the suture line as 'pleating'. There's nothing alarming about your appearance in the photo. Pleating is quite common immediately after surgery and you'll see it improve over the next several weeks. It's much to early to judge the final result. Stay in touch with your surgeon and follow their advice regarding post-op care.

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