Nipple is connected to the muscle. (photos)

Please help! After a revision my right nipple is now connected to muscle and shape is very weird and higher than the left!!! What should I do???? I don't want to do another revision I'm really tired of doctors promising one thing and giving me bad results!!!! My first breast job was a mess up and now this. Is it possible to fix this without any expensive material? What if I remove them, will my nipple still have a dent? I'm so exhausted....

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Nipple connection

How long ago was your surgery?  If it is fairly recent, I would wait several months to see how things soften out.  It often improves with time, but you may have a capsular contracture on that right side.  The indentation under the nipple can be somewhat common and is due to scar tissue, plus a lack of tissue in the region over the implant. It occasionally can be improved with an in-office revision of the scar and possible fat-grafting, IF there is no underlying contracture.  

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Animation deformity issues

You appear to have what is known as animation deformity, which frequently goes hand in hand with double bubble. In your case the double bubble crease is high, at the level of the nipple, because the muscle release allowed the muscle to retract and re-adhere at that level. This can be corrected by converting to the split muscle plane so that you will still have some upper pole coverage.

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Do you need revision breast surgery?

I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast surgery. Although he demonstrated your concerns nicely here, I don't think that there is enough and permission to allow for specific/helpful advice.  Your plastic surgeon will be in the best position to help you… Given your level of frustration and "exhaustion" it may be better to leave things alone for now.  Best wishes.

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Difficult to determine

without physical exam. It appears you have very large implants which have stretched out and caused tissue fatigue. It sounds like your complaint relates to animation deformity, which is a surgically treatable deformity. This question would be best evaluated by a PS in their office with a proper physical exam to understand your goals and to discuss realistic expectations of what can be accomplished. If you desire to keep your very large implants, using an $$ material is more likely than not if your desire is to keep some large implants and attempt to take the muscle out of the equation. Best of luck 

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