Natrelle inspira implants for reconstruction?

Hello. I currently have implants over muscle tear drop. I am a mastectomy reconstruction patient. I'm looking to change to a fuller look due to rippling and I want upper pole fullness. I've had 2 sessions of fat transfer and the fat isn't taking on one breast versus the other. How common are inspiras implants in reconstruction patients? Do they give great results? Thank you

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Inspira implants for reconstruction

You are right on target with your implant choice. In women who have thin skin after mastectomy and who are showing rippling, the Inspira implant can provide a great look and feel with less chance of visible rippling due to its higher fill rate. Definitely one of my favorite implants to use!

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Natrelle inspira implants for reconstruction?

It is currently popular to place the implant over the muscle, which I personally do not do in my practice for the fact that there isn't any coverage of the implant leading to a higher chance of rippling etc. Since you are not happy with the results, you should consider switching implants (the inspire is definitely an option) and placing them under the muscle. Fat grafting may survive better after the switch as it can be placed into the muscle that will be on top of the implant. Have you considered autologous reconstruction with an implant placed later if the size is not big enough for you? 

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