Moderate plus to high profile? (Photo)

Currently have 400cc moderate plus profile silicone. BW is 13.1 (wanted to close in my pre op gap for cleavage). Not happy with my projection/lack of upper pole fullness. What size & profile implants would be suggested to achieve the same BW for cleavage but more projection & upper pole fullness based on my pre op photos?

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Moderate plus to high profile for revisionary breast surgery?

Thank you for the question and picture.  Online consultants will not be able to provide you with specific enough advice to be truly helpful. Ultimately,  careful selection of your plastic surgeon and careful communication of your goals (in my practice I prefer the use of goal pictures, direct examination/communication in front of a full-length mirror, and computer imaging) will be critical.

Generally speaking, the best online advice I can give to ladies who are considering revisionary breast augmentation surgery is:

1. Concentrate on choosing your plastic surgeon carefully. Concentrate on appropriate training, certification, and the ability of the plastic surgeon to achieve the results you are looking for. ***Ask to see lots of examples of his/her work.

2. Have a full discussion and communication regarding your desired goals with your plastic surgeon. This communication will be critical in determining breast implant size/type/profile will most likely help achieve your goals. 

In my practice, the use of photographs of “goal” pictures (and breasts that are too big or too small) is very helpful. I have found that the use of words such as “natural” or "upper pole fulness” or "C or D cup" etc means different things to different people and therefore prove unhelpful.

Also, as you know, cup size varies depending on who makes the bra; therefore, discussing desired cup size may also be inaccurate. 

3. Once you feel you have communicated your goals clearly, allow your chosen plastic surgeon to work with you in determining the best plan to achieve your goals.

I hope this, and the attached link (dedicated to this type of revisionary breast augmentation surgery concerns), helps. Best wishes.

Sounds like you need a switch

From your Mod+ to a a HP implant to achieve more projection, looks like you may need some capsular tighetning/IMF adjustment during the swap. Schedule some consultations with qualified plastic surgeons, they will walk you through the differences in styles of implant and what your desired look will take. 

Improved upper pole files

Thank you for your question. It appears that your implants have bottomed out a bit or your inframammary fold is just too low.  I would suggest changing to a high profile implant for more protection and elevation of the inframammary fold which will provide more upper pole fullness. To be sure, consult with one or more board certified plastic surgeons to discuss your options. Hope this helps. Best wishes!

Moderate plus to high profile?

This question is best addressed in person with a very qualified an experienced Board Certified PS. All these details will be covered, your questions answered and hopefully you'll achieve a comfort level to proceed. 

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