Had mini tummy tuck with liposuction 5 days ago. My lower belly is swollen, uneven with very hard lumps. Is this normal? (Photo)

I did breast lift and aug at the same time so my dr decided not to put a drain due to potential infection getting to my breasts. My stomach has gotten very swollen, uneven with very hard lumps. I started getting massages yesterday. Still swollen and it's gotten harder and the skin is very hot. I'm scared scar tissue will form and I will never have a flat belly. Is this normal? Will it get better? What can I do to get rid of the bumps?

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Is this normal?

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Thanks for sharing your photos and questions. I do believe this is normal for 5 days after surgery. I don't se anything of concern, but photos are a poor substitute for an actual exam. Perhaps, if you continue to be concerned notifying your plastic surgeon would be a good idea. 

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Mini Tummy Tuck - Post Op Swelling?

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Thank you for your question. You are still early in the post-operative period. It typically takes 3 - 6 months for the swelling to subside.  Please discuss your concerns with your board certified plastic surgeon. Also, make sure you follow all of your plastic surgeons post-operative instructions regarding level of physical activity and use of a compression garment. Hope this helps and good luck with your recovery.

Healing process

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The lumpiness, swelling, itching and hardness after a surgery like you had typically persists at least 8 weeks after the surgery then slowly goes away. In my experience, daily massage of the hard areas makes the biggest difference in getting rid of it sooner rather than later. It can easily take 6 months or more to see results. Your tummy tuck scars will usually flatten and fade between 9-12 months but can sometimes take closer to 18 months. Scar fading depends on your genetics. Be sure to keep any scheduled follow up appointments you have with your surgeons for his evaluation and advice. Hope this helps.

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Mini Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty/Liposuction/Vaser High Definition Procedures/Tummy Tuck Revision

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Thank you for your question.

Since there has been a change in your post op course, please contact your surgeon so he/she can examine you and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan at this time.

The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.

Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative plastic surgery.

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Swelling and redness after mini tummy tuck with liposuction

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Dear Adri,

   Thanks for submitting your pictures. It is difficult to answer your question with certainty , without examining you. If you do not have fever or chills, the swelling, irregularity and redness can be just the early stages of your healing and it will improve noticeably in the next 2-3 months. In any event, you have to see your surgeon asap to rule out infection, which  might cause skin loss. 

                  Best of luck,

                                          Dr Widder

Postop swelling

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Hello, if your abdominal skin is hard, red and hot, this could be a sign of infection and you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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