How many massages are ideal post Full lipo and bbl for optimum results and how soon after Sx should they begin.

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How many massages are ideal post Liposuction and BBL?

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Thank you for your question. It is recommended to do a minimum of 5 lymphatic massages from the day after surgery for best results. Best of luck!


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Great question and very common in the office.

Lymphatic massage is an excellent adjunct to liposuction in the early post op recovery process.
Milking the lymphatic channels and moving edema toward the liposuction ports and drain sites can be very effective in enhancing your result.  Massage promotes earlier reduction in waistline circumference and attaining the sculpted appearance earlier. 

1-3 days post op is the optimal time to start massage sessions.  The earlier you can tolerate the massage, the quicker your skin will smooth out and have a less asymmetric appearance .  Additional elastic support may be needed earlier in the recovery process to compensate for the large amount of reduction in volume of the liposuction areas.  Pain is usually the reason patients delay initiation of the sessions, but the sooner the better.  We encourage you to continue sessions until the drain is removed and or the liposuction ports have completely healed.  Additional sessions are helpful to smooth out contours even after the ports have healed.

I wish you well in your recovery process and I hope this information eases your decision process.

James McAdoo DO FACOS

  • AOA Dual Board Certified general and plastic reconstructive surgeon 
  • Microsurgery fellowship trained 
  • 20 years experience 
  • 33,000 OR cases
  • 10,000 BBL

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