I am scheduled to have a BBL this coming week. I scheduled my procedure about 8 months ago. Should I cancel my procedure?

I have read that you must be nicotine free to get lipo because of healh risk being under. I mentioned it to him this morning and he said it isnt anything to worry about. I have no problems quiting and wouldve done so weeks ago had i been informed of this, but i am worried about anything that can happen in the OR because of the smoking. I smoke about 10 cigarettes a day, yesterday being my last day. Should I cancel my procedure because of this, even though the doctor said it isnt necessary?

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Every elective surgery should be done in the best condition possible

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Every elective surgery should be done in the best condition possible. Smoking is one of those condition that should be under control once you go to the OR. You might not have problem because of your smoking condition with a liposuction and bbl but for sure it does affect results and recovery time.  I also request a clearance from the phenumologist when I treat a smoker, specially if the patient have been smoking for years and even when had stopped. Wish you the best for your surgery. Regards.

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