Instead of lowering a breast fold could you lift the nipple?

If you lower a breast fold to make nipples center on implant couldnt you raise the nipple to be centered instead? just by a cm? is this possible?

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Raising nipples or lowering fold?

If your skin is tight, it is usually better to lower the breast implant position than to attempt to raise the nipple location with skin excision.  It would be helpful to see pictures of your case because the decision will be highly individualized depending on a particular patient's anatomy.

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Nipple surgery - can you lift a nipple instead of lowering the fold

Thank you for asking about your breast augmenation.
  • Excellent question -
  • If the nipple lies too low, yes, it can be raised with a breast lift.
  • But if the nipple sits at a normal level, and the distance from nipple to breast crease is too short, then the fold must be lowered.
  • Raising a normal nipple too high makes it likely to show above your bra, not a good look.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Instead of lowering a breast fold could you lift the nipple?

What you are describing is certainly possible; whether its your best option (need to consider pros/cons associated with all options) cannot be determined without examination. Discuss your goals directly with your plastic surgeon; working together you will devise the best plan to achieve your goals. Best wishes.

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Instead of lowering a breast fold could you lift the nipple?

Best to obtain only in person opinions from boarded PSs in MIAMI. I think yu need asymmetric lift operation.

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