How Long Would It Take Braces to Fix Just my Gap? (photo)

I have a big gap between my front teeth that's about 1 cm wide. I can fit my thumb sideways into it. It really makes me feel insecure especially when it comes the time to take pictures. My parents were never financially able to get me braces, but I just got insurance that might cover it. My other teeth seem fine. How long will the gap take to close? Can I get invisalign, or is my gap too big? How long am I going to wear veneers after its fixed? I am thanking you in advance for your help. Lucy.

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Gaps take months to close

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Plan on 6-12 months to get closed, then a wire bonded to the back to hold them in place for the rest of your life.  Veneers may not be necessary, but if you get them, they never come off and are another lifelong treatment.

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