Why are my Lips lopsided 8 months after filler? (Photo)

I had a filler in my lip in early Feb. one doctor told me he wouldn't do it because my top lip was so long the filler would just elongate it, so I foolishly went to another doctor. She filled my lips and they look great when I'm not smiling. However when I'm smiling not only do they cover my teeth but they are extremely uneven. How do I get this issue resolved? I have to avoid the camera at all costs because of how unnatural my smile looks. Is it too late to have the filler dissolved?

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Lips Lopsided after filler

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I'm so sorry this happened. The short answer is no, it's not too late if a hyaluronic acid filler was used. Lips are normally injected with Juvederm, Restylane Silk or Belotero - all of which can be dissolved with hyaluronidase. Fillers which cannot be dissolved with hyaluronidase (and hopefully weren't used as they're not appropriate for this area) include Sculptra, Belafill and Radiesse. Lips are a popular injection area, but it requires a skilled injector. Try and find out what filler was originally used, and go to a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon experienced with injectable fillers. Good luck.

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