Does a liposuction breast reduction also include a breast lift?

I am not pleased with any of the other breast reduction procedures so I wanted to go for the liposuction one or maybe even the minimal scar one.

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Does a liposuction breast reduction also include a breast lift?

NO! But you have been posting many questions concerning your breast. Why have you NOT seen a few boarded PSS in person yet?

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Breast lift with reduction

With a traditional breast reduction, both skin and gland are selectively removed from the breast in such a manner as to permit the breast to be reshaped and lifted.  The nipple areolar complex is moved higher on the breast mound, the areola is reduced, and the breast should rest entirely above the inframammary fold.  
When a reduction is performed by liposuction alone, tissue is removed from the breast but the skin envelope is not altered.  The shape will be determined by the amount of tissue removed and the ability of the skin to retract.  As my colleague notes, if a significant volume is removed, or if the skin does not retract, liposuction may leave a less favorable shape with more drooping and laxity of the skin envelope. 

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Liposuction breast reduction?

Breast reduction procedures are very individualized in today's market. I would ask your particular doctor at consultation what he or she plans on doing. In general liposuction alone does not lift the breast. In fact, it has a greater chance of making it more droopy. 
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