Not sure if I would need lipo or tummy tuck? (Photo)

Had first baby at 44yrs old, Im now 50 and in full blown menopause i am 5ft 4in tall and 145lbs. In gym 3-4times a week I eat right I do high impact aerobics and zumba classes. Yet still here I am. Do I nee a TT or LIPO???? Love myself/ Hate my body.

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Indications for Tummy Tuck vs Liposuction

The purpose of a tummy tuck is to remove and tighten loose skin, and often to tighten loose abdominal muscles. Liposuction can reduce excess fat between the muscles and skin.  Your photos show a significant forward bulge of your belly..  The questions that need answering are whether this is primarily due to excess fat just under the skin, how much loose skin is present, are your abdominal muscles too loose and not supporting the belly wall adequately, and even whether a good deal of your bulge is due to a lot of internal (visceral) fat.  A personal consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon is needed to answer these questions and to then discuss your best surgical options.  Most likely you will need extensive liposuction to reduce bulk and possibly some type of tummy tuck to firm up loose muscle and/or skin.

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Not sure if I would need lipo or tummy tuck

Thank you for sending your photo and question. An examination is essential to help answer your question.  Based on your photo, it appears that you are a good candidate for an Tummy tuck. The tummy tuck result will last a long time unless you have fluctuations in weight or have another child. I encourage you to make an appointment with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to further discuss. Best Wishes

Jeff Angobaldo, MD
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TT or Liposuction

Thanks for photos.  Based on your pictures, it looks like you would be a candidate for a TT and some liposuction of the flanks.  It also appears that you have some lordosis (accentuated lower spine curve) that is making your tummy a little more projected. So a TT will tighten you up, but I don't think you will be flat as you may expect. 
Definitely make an in-person consultation with a PS to see if you are a candidate and discuss your options. 
Hope that helps and best wishes!

Dr Morales
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Rolando Morales Jr, MD
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Liposuction or tummy tuck

Congratulations on your fitness.

liposuction will help your back and flanks but without an exam it is hard to be sure if a tummy tuck is better for you or if the issue is internal fat.

see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for an examination

Best wishes.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Not sure if I would need lipo or tummy tuck? (Photo)

Even with excellently posted photos very hard to tell if lipo alone would be best. Seek only in person examinations from boarded PSs to obtain exact answer.. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Lipo or tummy

After viewing your photos you have a curvature of your spine that would be help by placating or suturing together your abdominal muscles.Adding lipo to this will only help.

Robert Brueck, MD
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Tummy tuck or lipo?

Thank you for your question and photos.  Given your skin and muscle laxity, a full tummy tuck would be of benefit to you.  The tummy tuck will give your abdominal area a tighter appearance while the muscle plication of the abdominal wall will give you a nice contour.
Please be seen in person by a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation.

All the best,

Dr. Results
Miami, FL

Jose M. Soler-Baillo, MD
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Much better candidate for abdominoplasty rather than liposuction.

From the photograph it looks as though you have a sizable amount of redundant skin in addition to fat. Furthermore is likely that there is substantial laxity of the abdominal wall. Only an abdominoplasty will address all three of these issues.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Not sure if I would need lipo or tummy tuck? (Photo)

I FEEL  a tumy tuck will be the answer from the photos but best to always seek the advice in person of a board certified Plastic surgeon.  We ask our patients to stay at our private retreat for 11 days aftr thru 3 night hospital stay.  ALL my surgeries are performed in a state of the art hospital NOT a clinic.

Guillermo Koelliker, MD
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