Is it possible to get Lipo and Brazilian butt lift if you had a previous staph infection or boil?

I'm not sure if I had a staph infection or a boil but it started over 5 years ago. I get them from time to time but not frequently. It will come and go away (I don't pop them). Two weeks ago one appeared on my arm and it got really big and hard. Last week it got very small and came to a head then popped on its own. I will like to know if it is safe for me to continue with my surgery plans. Please assist if possible. Thank you.

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BBL and staph infections

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Thanks for the question.  You can certainly still have the surgery. It might be a good idea to have your plastic surgeon refer you to a infectious disease doctor.  You might be carrying MRSA and a decontamination protocol as well as prophylaxis might be in order. 

Good Luck

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