Lip lift or other options besides jaw realignment for displease looking mouth (photos)

My mouth looks very long when it's closed. I'm thinking maybe I can get a lip lift. I want an option that is not as expensive as jaw realignment. Could someone please tell me what I can do? Maybe I will get a temporary fix until I can afford something permanent.

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Lip Lift

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A lip lift will shorten the vertical distance between the nose and the upper lip. At rest you have  a fair amount of tooth show so you have to be careful that an overdone lip lift does not create excessive tooth when your lips are at rest.

Can I benefit from a lip lift?

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Ideally an upper lip should be under 1.5 cm in height. Yours seems to be a bit long but your teeth are low so one has to be careful that after a lip lift you don"t get a gummy smile. It would be good if you could send a photo while you are smiling. 

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