Lip augmentation help?!

Hello i want an permanent lip augmentation, I have the choice between two possibilities. 1 Permalip 5mm in both lips. 2 fat transfer to my lips. But i don,t know whats best? Im afraid the 5mm permalip are going to be too small.

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Permanent lip enhancement

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   I have been doing permanent lip enhancement with a procedure I invented and popularized for over 25 years with Dermal-Fat graft implants. The dermal - fat graft implants are your own natural tissue taken from just above the hairline on you lower stomach. Since it is your own natural tissue the material is readily accepted in your lips and never gets rejected. The results are excellent and you will see natural looking fuller lips for the rest of your life. There is a small 2 inch scar just above the hairline where the implant is taken which heals very nicely. 
 The procedure takes 1 hour under local anesthesia. 
Absolutely do not put any non-natural materials in your lips like perma-lip or silicone or other materials because they all will have problems over time and need removal. I have removed dozens of these along with lots of injected silicone.
  Pure injected fat also tends to fade with time. 
  So to sum up there is approved but temporay filler material; and there is the Derma-Fat grafting procedure which I have invented and been doing for years as a method to get fuller lips permanently

Fat transfer

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My patients who have undergone fat transfer to the lip for this purpose are very pleased and the results are very natural. My preference is fat grafting for lip augmentation.

Permanent Lip Fillers

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I would caution you against permanent lip fillers. As you age, the shape of your face and mouth will change and you may not be happy with the results years from now.  With so many longer lasting options such as Juvederm for the lips I prefer these fillers to a permanent treatment.  Best, Dr. Green

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