Can latisse be applied on the scalp to achieve longer/faster hair growth?

I know latisse is used on the eyelashes to keep them in the growth stage. I was just wondering if applying it to the scalp would give the same results, resulting in longer hair.

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Latisse will make hair grow longer and faster, although it is only FDA approved for the eyelashes.

Latisse will make hair grow longer and faster, although it is only FDA approved for the eyelashes. 

I would recommend visiting a Dr who specializes in hair restoration for best results. 

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Rogaine is much more effective at growing scalp hair.

Hi! First, it is important to know that Latisse has only been approved for the growth of lashes on the upper eyelid. Yes, there have been a few studies looking at the use of Latisse for the growth of scalp hair, but the results have not been impressive.

Rogaine (minoxidil) has been clinically proven to grow hair and is approved for such. It is very affordable and is safe to use for many years. I recommend seeing a dermatologist for further recommendations and workup for your hair loss.

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Hair Growth

Latisse is only FDA approved for eyelash growth at this time.  Rogaine is probably your best option for hairloss on the scalp.

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Can latisse be applied on the scalp to achieve longer/faster hair growth?

It would not surprise me if in the future latisse is used to increase hair growth on the head. It is not FDA approved for the head.  But for now, Rogaine is the best option for that.

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Speed up Hair Growth on Scalp

Thank you for your question. Latisse is not approved for use on the scalp. I would recommend using a Rogaine type product for an area that large. This will help speed up hair growth in that area.

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Latisse for the scalp

Supposedly Allergan (the makers of Latisse) are looking into a way to make the product for eyebrows, scalp, and other areas. First of all, the issue would be the size. You would need so much of the product to cover the scalp AND the bottle of Latisse is tiny. It would cost a fortune to do this the way it is packaged now. They are trying to find a way to lower the percentage and put it in a different medium, so it is safer and can be applied better. While Latisse is often used "off label" on the eyebrows, I wouldn't suggest it for the scalp. The product medium, strength, and bottle size are not going to be conducive for long-term use on the scalp.

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Latisse on the scalp

Latisse is not allowed for scalp use and may be a problem for the body in such large quantities. In any case the hair growing phases of scalp hair and eyelash hair are entirely different and I doubt the drug would have the same effect there.

Richard Galitz, MD, FACS
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