Laser Hair Removal Burns On Bikini? (Photos)

I had like my 13th treatment on my bikini area today and it was horrible. The whole car ride home I was experiencing a burning pain. When I got home I noticed burn circles everywhere. The technician has preformed all of my treatments and this has never happened before. This is the first time I had a late appointment and she seemed tired, but that's not excuse. What should I do and will my skin heal normal?

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Discoloration after laser treatment

Anytime unusual healing occurs after a procedure, it is best practice to contact the treating physician's office immediately to determine what subsequent steps are necessary for an improved outcome.  Discoloration after laser can be transient, but when pain is present and it is persistent consider more acute treatment with your provider.  

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Laser hair removal burns on dark skin

This should be discussed with your provider. This can cause pigmentation issues if not treated aggressively. Either the settings were different or the laser was malfunctioning.

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