What's the best kegel device to use while I decide if to attempt revision of my less than optimal results of my vaginaplasty?

With my vaginaplasty at a two out of ten results I ponder if I want to do a revision as there is no telling it will work the second time. I am want to buy the best kegel device with bio feedback any recommendations? And do you think it will help as there is a slight tightening of the levator muscle since the vaginaplasty?

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Any device with biofeedback will help your kegel exercises

The key to good results with kegel exercises is identifying and contracting the right muscles. Have your gyn show you where the muscles are if you're uncertain. Then get any device with a vaginal insert that can read the muscle pressure (pericoach is a popular one) and do the exercises using a structured routine. Since you had a failed vaginoplasty, it would be a good idea to get examined by an expert in both vaginoplasty and pelvic reconstruction to make sure you don't have pelvic floor damage. Otherwise, you might be wasting your time when you really need surgery.

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Vaginoplasty re-do, and the best pelvic floor muscle exercising devices

My favorites are either an Apex(tm) or the "PeriCoach(tm)" devices. Apex is a stimulation device; PeriCoach is biofeedback. InTone(tm) is a combination of stimulation & biofeedback-- great but a bit expensive... Work also with a "pelvic floor physical therapist."  Your repair, if performed properly, should not "fail" so soon. Don't go back to the same doc. In Florida, you are close to Atlanta. Drs. John Miklos & Rob Moore are the best there is. Fly into Atlanta for your re-do (or see me in CA, but Atlanta is closer...)


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What's the best kegel device

I am sorry to hear about your disappointing results.   I think your desire to use a Kegel type device to rehabilitate your pelvic floor is a phenomenal idea. 

I have had very good success with the In Tone devices such as Intensity and the Apex.  Used on a regular basis, these devices will certainly help in the rehabilitation of your pelvic floor muscles.   I would also entertain the idea of getting another consultation if you are not fully satisfied with your Kegel device exercises.

Best of luck.

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Suboptimal results following vaginoplasty - what now?

Thanks for your post and sorry to hear that you didn't get the results you were expecting. Have you returned to your surgeon for an examination and a treatment plan? If your surgeon was a reconstructive and cosmetic vaginal surgeon with training in Urogynecology then you would likely have had a thorough exam with appropriate recommendations. You describe a "tightening of the levator muscle" which is common following vaginoplasty procedures. For this you should need a referral to a pelvic floor physical therapist to help you with the hypertonia and to rehabilitate your pelvic floor. This may be the reason why your results are a 2 on your scale of 0-10. Following PT you may be then enjoy better sex and once your spasma are treated you may then begin your regular kegel exercises. There are several good devices out there but I would first address the hypertonia. You can look at the In-Tone products such as Apex and Intensity. You may also look at an app for your phone, PeriCoach, link below, so you may do biofeedback and exercises at home.

When it comes time to having another surgery I recommend you do your research and find someone with the most experience. You may need to travel.

Best of luck

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Kegel exercises

Sorry to hear your surgery did not provide the results you were hoping for. There are multiple resources on the internet to help you perform kegels correctly at home. There is also pelvic floor physical therapy to isolate and strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Ultimately, if considering repeat surgery, you would be in the best hand with a board certified urogynecologist in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. Best of luck. 

George Shashoua, MD
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Kegel device

There is no scientific evidence as to whether one kegel device is better than any  other.  It its impossible for any surgeon to tell you scientifically as there are no  trials that I am aware comparing these devices. 

John R Miklos MD

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