Iron and menstruation?

If i have to take a CBC test once again for surgery and i have been diagnosed for have slightly under a 12 hemo level. Will my menstruation being on right before i take the test again will this affect my results? Is so how can i keep my iron up while my menstruation is on to get to an 12 iron level?

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Increasing hemoglobin

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Great question!
The most effective way to increase your hemoglobin through past patient experience includes:  The use of a product called Floradix, a liquid iron supplement mixed with herbs and enzymes to promote absorption.  There are many products to use to increase your hemoglobin but this reticular products seem to have the most impact in the shortest amount of time. This can be purchased at vitamin shops and GNC.

I wish you well through your surgery and recovery process,

Dr McAdoo

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