Inverted V deformity and the relation to bridge height

Does a V deformity that was caused by bad osteotomies/short nasal bones make the illusion the the middle valve is lower and the nose brigde is a bit over resected? I also have a bit of a falling tip, does that also add to the illusion that I described above? Thanks for helping!

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Inverted V-Deformity After Rhinoplasty

An inverted V deformity is a upside down V shadow that occurs in the middle portion of the nose. It typically happens when the middle nasal cartilages (upper lateral cartilages) lose their connection or attachment with the nasal bones above, often during hump removal or rasping of the nasal bones. It can make the middle portion of the nose appear lower. Another possibility is that the dorsal septum has become detached from the nasal bones in what is know as the keystone area. When this occurs you can see a sharp dip in the nasal profile just below the nasal bones. A droopy tip will not make the bridge of the nose appear over resected. If anything, it would minimize the problem. All my best.

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Inverted V deformity and the relation to bridge height

Without good photos- it's impossible to comment accurately. Although your description in your mind may be correct- without thorough analysis by physical exam- concurrence with your assessment- may not be possible. Generally speaking, the aspects of the nose that are improved with rhinoplasty are the length, the width and the tip. I would seek an opinion from a Board Certified PS with great experience in Rhinoplasty.

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Inverted V deformity

Dear annonamy1,

A poorly performed osteotomy or osteotomy for short nasal bones without supporting the middle vault can result in an inverted V deformity. This can make the nose (dorsum) look sunken and create an inverted "V" shape shadow across the nose. A spreader graft with possibly dorsal onlay graft can improve the look.

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