10 months post TT, can I get more of an "innie" belly button with hernia repair? (photos)

I had a tummy tuck done 10 months ago. I'm not happy with my belly button. I was told recently I have a hernia that's why my belly button looks like that. Is it possible to get the hernia repaired and to have my belly button go more in?

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Hernia Repair

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Hello thank you for your question, there's the need of an in person consultation since there's investigation that should be done to determine what's really the issue that's affecting your belly button.


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Hernia repair and revision of the belly button can be done 10 months post-op after tummy tuck

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The main issues isn't really whether this can be improved at this point after surgery, rather, it's more important to know exactly what is going on.  It is impossible to tell without examining you whether or not you truly have an umbilical hernia.  My first question is whether or not you had a hernia before your tummy tuck.  It would also be good to know if your muscle was repaired with your tummy tuck or not, and if it was, why there is a hernia present now.  Typically in a tummy tuck with muscle repair an umbilical hernia would be repaired too, and if it wasn't present, or even detected, beforehand, it would be very unlikely to show up now.  Thus, there are a lot of questions still to be answered before formulating any kind of plan to make this better.  However, I think that once the cause for this deformity can be comfortably determined, it does not appear to be anything that would be too difficult to correct.  The main strategy would be to determine the source of the outward bulging beneath the skin - hernia, scar tissue, or something else - and reduce the fullness from whatever that is, allowing the skin to redrape inside the belly button, thereby creating more of an "innie."  Discuss your concerns with your surgeon, and if you don't get a feeling of confidence that it is correctly diagnosed or a good treatment plan recommended, it is fair to consider a second opinion just to be sure.  Best of luck.

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Yes, hernia repair to create "innie"

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Great question.  Yes, in general, a hernia repair would create an "innie" if the hernia was responsible for an "outie".  Sometimes other factors are present in creating an "outie" and these have to be eva;hated and taken into account.

Good luck with you belly button surgery.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

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