Will my incision continue to close up after the stitches have been removed? (Photo)

My incision does not look completely closed on the bottom when you look at it closely. I just had earlobe repair surgery a week ago and had the stitches removed 7 days later. Will it close up or should I go back to the doctor?

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Ear lobe

The healing does continue after the sutures are removed. You should contact the surgeon if there are concerns with the healing

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Earlobe Incision

Thanks for your question!  Although your incision is still healing, there should not be any open areas.  I would follow up with your surgeon for an examination.  Best of luck!

Earlobe Incision Concern

Dear vbobryk, I would suggest seeing your surgeon for a follow up appointment and direct any concerns you may have regarding your recent procedure at that time. An examination will determine a proper diagnosis. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Incision issue

If you have immediate questions regarding your recent procedure, then you should contact your surgeon.

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