I would like a more prominent chin, am I an ideal candidate for a chin implant? (Photo)

I feel I can add symmetry and proportion by having a more prominent chin, I would like to know if experts agree with me. Thank you.

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Chin augmentation and facial balance

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It appears that moderate chin augmentation with implant would create more harmony in your lower face. In order to help you select appropriate implant, in-person consultation with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon with good reputation in facial implants should be your next step. Good luck. . 

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Computer imaging will help you determine if a chin augmentation procedure would be of benefit to you. You feel that you do and there is certainly room for a greater chin prominence in your face. Computer imaging will also help show you much a satisfactory chin augmentation should be in terms of horizontal projection.

I would like a more prominent chin, am I an ideal candidate for a chin implant?

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  The side profile photographs demonstrate a weak and recessive chin profile for which a chin implant can improve.  Chin implants are composed of solid silicone, and are usually placed through a small incision underneath the chin under local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure.  In our practice, we use Implantech brand of  chin implants, which are manufactured and a large variety of sizes and shapes to match the patient's anatomy.  For more information, diagrams of the implants themselves, and many before and after examples, please see the link and the video below

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