I had an upper and lower eye lid surgery almost a month ago and I'm pretty pleased so far, but I have a couple of concerns.

One of my eyes have healed very well but the other on has taken much longer. I sometimes get concerned weather the scarring on my one eye will heal the same as the other one. I have also experienced a lot of dryness on the skin under my eyes. Is that normal? Will it go away? Thank you.

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Healing After Upper and Lower Lid Blepharoplasty

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It isn't unusual to have some degree of asymmetry in healing with reference to swelling, bruising, or other factors at 1 month.  Eyelid surgery incisions generally heal imperceptibly, but more time is necessary for the scar maturation process to occur. Without photos or an examination, it is impossible to give further commentary. Raising these questions with your Surgeon is the best place to obtain the reassurance you need.

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Eyelid surgery

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Without photos it's difficult to comment. Having said that you typically need to give the healing at least 3 months before you draw any final conclusions. Follow up with your surgeon - he/ she should be able to address your concerns 

Roger Bassin, MD
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Scarring/dry skin of the eyes

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At 1 mos, you're still very much in the healing phase. Wait for at least six mos before determining whether any touch-ups need to be done. The dryness may be you natural skin condition but it could have been aggravated by the surgery. Use an under eye moisturizer on a regular basis and see what happens over the next few mos.

Robert J. Smyth, MD
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One month is starting to be fairly long after surgery. Skin dryness may well be normal. Without photos there ia absolutely no way to comment at all about your concern with scarring.

Healing post upper and lower Blepharoplasty

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Many thanks for your question.

You are still in the very early recovery phase post upper and lower blepharoplasty, and the surrounding tissue and skin around the eyes is thinner than other areas on our face, it therefore takes a little longer to recovery.

I would suggest that if you are healed then you should begin, ,moisturising and massaging the areas, in order to assist in the maturation of the scars which will soften them.

I wouldn't be concerned at this stage however I suggest you arranging a follow up with your Plastic surgeon, just to provide you with some face to face reassurance.

I hope this helps

I had an upper and lower eye lid surgery almost a month ago and I'm pretty pleased so far, but I have a couple of concerns.

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No posted photos? Plus your postop questions really need t e answered by your chosen surgeon. Unless you desire to seek in person paid second opinions.....

Healing with bleph

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This is normal.One eye bruises more or one eye may swell more so don't be overly concerned at this point.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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