I have capsular contracture; want to take advantage and go bigger, is that a bad idea?

My surgeon confirmed capsular contracto on my right breast. I am got 325cc silicone i wished I had gone just a tad bigger since I have to do revision surgery I was thinking of going bigger and getting 375 cc silicone but my surgeon said that with the capsular contractor he could just do surgery on the one that needs it unless I want to go bigger we can do both and now my concern is that if I do go bigger will it increase my chances of getting CC on my left which is completely healed and good ?

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Going bigger after capsular contracture surgery

The fact that you have a capsule contracture on the right is independent of risks for the left. Most capsular contracture with current implants is one sided.  Switching out the left side has a small risk of capsular contracture.  But this is no different from your initial risk. . Doing things like antibiotic  irrigation of the pocket, no touch technique using the Keller funnel and possibly placing you on  anti-inflammatories like Singulair  would be helpful to prevent contracture in general. 

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Capsule post aug

If you want to go bigger then I would opt for that.every one gets a capsule and the key is to keep the capsule soft.I usually have  my patients massage their breasts twice a day.

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I have capsular contracture; want to take advantage and go bigger, is that a bad idea?

The %s are always higher in this presented case. Best t seek more in person opinions after detailed examination from boarded PSs in MIAMI.

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Capsular contracture

In general, patients who have had a one contracture are at higher risk for another.  Each additional surgery can increase the potential for a capsular contracture.

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Going bigger after capsule constracture

Whether or not it is appropriate for your to go bigger is up to you and your plastic surgeon. While some manufacturers of implants will cover capsule costs and even the cost of an implant, you may be responsible for other costs, including an additional implant.  Discuss it with your doctor and proceed from there.  Good luck, Dr. Schuster in Boca Raton

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