Will a High Profile Tear Drop Silicone Implant give a natural lift?

my PS said this type of implant would give me that 2cm lift with out having to get a small lift. I currently wear a 34c. he recommended getting 360cc high profile tear drop for that 2cm lift. is this true? will a tear drop high profile silicon implant get me that extra 2cm lift with out having to do an actual lift?

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Will High Profile Shaped Silicone Implant Provide a Natural Lift?

Photos would be most helpful in answering your question. For starters, implants do not  lift your breast. An implant (and more specifically an HP shaped implant) can give the illusion of a lift by rotating your nipple position upwards to some degree, however I doubt it will be as much as 2cm. Also it is not always just about nipple position. In addition to having a sagging nipple you may also have sagging breast tissue. An implant can only expand your breast tissue but will not lift it, so if you also have sagging breast tissue an implant alone will not create an attractive breast shape.

High profile shaped silicone implants are not a good choice for all patients and they can create an overprojecting breast which is also not attractive on many patients. If a patient truly needs a lift, but insists on avoiding one through the either implant size, profile, or position, the results can vary from mediocre to disastrous. For the patient that is borderline in terms of needing a lift, the concept of using a shaped implant with greater volume in the lower implant to maximize nipple elevation is valid and the results can be quite pleasing. All of the issues need to be discussed in detail with your surgeon so that you end up with a result that you are happy with. For the patient who truly needs a lift, in the long you will end up with a much better result (despite the extra scar) by having a lift instead of going to extraordinary lengths to avoid one. 

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Does an implant lift the breast?

Generally, no matter what size or shape the implant is, the amount of "lift" you get from a BA is very small.  A BA is not typically a replacement for a breast lift, except in the most minor cases.

Test:  If you put your hands on the top of of your head, and look in the mirror, if you still look droopy, you probably need to be considering a breast lift of some type.  Your surgeon can advise you.

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Lift with implant

Without seeing your photos, it is difficult to tell if an implant , teardrop or otherwise will correct your degree of drooping adequately . A round implant can do this just as well. Wether to use a teardrop or round implant would be more dependent on how much fullness you want in the upper portion of the breasts,with the teardrop giving less. If you are still uncertain, I would recommend talking to several other surgeons before proceeding

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Will a High Profile Tear Drop Silicone Implant give a natural lift?

Thank you for your question.  No breast implant will give you a significant breast lift.  If your nipple is below or beneath the fold under your breast and you will need a lift in addition to an implant.  To understand the risks of not having a lift please read below:

Tear drop implants and nipple position

Implants will fill out breast tissue and rotate nipples upwards IF the implant is large enough and projects enough. However, 2cm is a significant movement (almost an inch) to achieve with an implant. Even a tear drop implant. With that being said, you can always undergo a small lift under local anesthesia if the implants do not elevate the nipples to your satisfaction. 

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Will a High Profile Tear Drop Silicone Implant give a natural lift?

Many of us, myself included are not big advocates for teardrop or anatomic shaped implants and their potential benefits.  Several studies have not supported any difference or benefit in breast augmentation with their use.  Others of course will disagree so I would suggest that you ask your plastic surgeon to show you examples of patients similar to yourself who underwent the procedure without an uplift so you can judge the quality of their results.  Make sure that the follow-up photographs are at least six months past surgery.

Posting photographs of yourself with your arms at your side would be helpful to me in making a recommendation especially if I can judge where your inframammary crease lies relative to your nipple.  Please watch the video above for my discussion of breast implants alone or breast implants with a breast lift and how you choose.  Best wishes and consider a second opinion if you are uncertain and not confident.

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Silicone implants, some advices:

Thanks for the question. I recommend you to send your photos to us to give you the advices you need and want.

Kind regards

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Would I have a lift with high-profile tear drop implants?

 It is impossible to assess your situation without photos, however, in general implants alone (even high-profile ones) will not give you a significant lift of the nipple-areolar complex.  That said, high profile shaped implants do have the most projection of any round implants in the same size. So in the ideal patient, with volume loss only and no true nipple ptosis (drooping), you may see a relative "lift" of the nipple with a nicely sized implant for your body. However, If what you truly need is a mastopexy, then a breast lift of some type should be performed. You should feel comfortable with this information at the end of a thorough consultation, and if not, you should consider a second opinion. In our office we use three dimensional imaging to help make this decision. 

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Implant choice for augmentation with "lift"

In my practice we help patients make good choices by providing full information and education.  To help decide which implant to use we have our patients try on sizing implants in a thin bra and tight tee shirt.   Once the volume has been chosen we then pick an implant that fits the X, Y, and Z (width, height, and projection) dimensions of her chest. In this way we can decide which implant style (round, shaped, high profile, tear-drop, etc.) is most appropriate.  The link below has some more information on this topic

Be sure to consult a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who has a great deal of experience with these types of procedures.  A comprehensive portfolio of his/her pre- and post-op pictures will help you assess his/her expertise.

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Will a breast augmentation lift my breasts enough without the need for a breast lift?

This is a great and critical question that will help many with this issue.  A breast augmentation is able to lift the nipple only slightly with implant sizes that are of usual volume.  Very large implants can lift the breast, but this is not the right answer, as it makes your breast much larger than you want.  The very important issue is to separate your desired ideal breast volume from the amount of sagging.  The tenet is:  a breast implant is used for volume enlargement and a breast lift to correct the sagging.  I have seen many patients who have had too large of implants placed in a misguided effort to correct the sagging and avoid a scar attendant with a breast lift.  They are then in the unfortunate position of changing the implant to a smaller implant and to have the lift that they should have had with the initial procedure.  Also, with a subpectoral placement of a breast implant, there is a less direct effect on the nipple elevation, as the pectoralis muscle limits the ability of the implant to act on the breast envelope.

Although a 2 cm ptosis may indicate a periareolar lift, your ASPS board certified surgeon is best to guide you in this regard.  Then, as mentioned in previous answers, it becomes a trade-off of the shape improvement vs. the resultant scar.  Typically, scars heal well in this area and it is worth the trade-off for a more shapely breast.

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