How high is normal blood pressure for BBL procedure?

I have white coat hypertension when in the Doctors office until I get relaxed and calm down. Will elevated blood pressure cause my surgery to be cancelled. My Doctor said that they don't normally prescribe medication for blood pressure readings of 140/90 and under mines ranges from 135/90-120/82 at times whats the highest ones blood pressure can be prior to surgery. Do blood pressure go up during surgery. I was given 30 of Lisinopril 20 mg just to help with the white coat hypertension. Subject

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How high is normal blood pressure for BBL procedure?

A normal blood pressure is a systolic below 140 and a diastolic below 90 (140/90 is the highest limit of normal blood pressure). You are correct in that most physicians do not prescribe medication for this blood pressure. High blood pressure during and after surgery can lead to increased bleeding and therefore blood loss. Your blood pressure is usually lower while you are under general anesthesia but will rise again as soon as the anesthesia is off. This is something you should talk to your plastic surgeon about as we all have different parameters on what we require prior to surgery.

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