Can you gain weight in the lipo recovery process?

I had bbl three weeks ago and the nurses told me if i diet i will lose the fat transer. So i been eating normal and not strick diet. I am vegan so i eat healthy but i have not been strict dieting. Will i gain fat in the lipoed areas in my recovery? I also can not exercise so i feel scared i will ruin my lipo. My stomach feels soft and im scared i will gain fat where it was lipoed, but i also want a healthy recovery.

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Weight and recovery time

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It is normal to get heavier the first 2 weeks post op , due to fluid retention. If you eat healthy and moderate during this period you will actually burn some fat even if the weight doesn't come down. The reason is your metabolism is activated in the post op time.  Only if you eat a lot of high calorie food , you can gain fat on the areas that didn't get lipo. Staying on a healthy diet won't affect your fat transfer or your lipo areas.  Balance is all you need to have great results. best wishes 

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