How fragile is cartilage structure in tip plasty, the first few days after surgery?

I have read a lot of answers to questions about sneezing, touching, picking, lightly bumping, and blowing noses after rhinoplasty. Are the cartilage pieces held together like a stack of cards initially? Is it possible to negatively affect the final result without knowing you did (bleading, pain never occurring)? Or is it safe to say that regardless of damage you're not sure you may have caused, if there was no blood or pain, stinging, swelling, etc. then the final result will not be affected?

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Nasal Tip Fragility Post-Op

It depends exactly what was done. If cartilage was only removed, it is not so fragile. If cartilage was added/manipulated/sutured/relocated then it is absolutely possible to disrupt the alignment. Typically it would take a "blow" that would hurt since the area is sensitive after surgery anyway.

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