Why do I have folds in skin in stomach after lipo and hard areas and how can this be corrected? (photos)

I am 5 weeks post op after bbl. I have folds in the skin that look like wrinkles with hard areas underneath in my stomach. I have been wearing my compression garment and trying to stretch out the skin but when I take my garment off I still have those folds. I have been doing aggressive circular massaging to the areas. I am very unhappy with these results. It is very hard to get in contact with my doctors office, they rarely return calls and a post op appointment was not even made. PLEASE HELP!

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Why do I have folds in skin in stomach after lipo and hard areas and how can this be corrected?

It would appear from your photo that you have excessive skin which has not been able to contract
following the liposuction.  Some of this could be evened out with ultrasound.  However you may need to have a skin resection after all the swelling and the firm area has  resolved.  Certainly you should follow up with your own Plastic Surgeon as he is aware of your pre operative degree of skin excess.
Good luck

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Why do I have folds in skin in stomach after lipo and hard areas and how can this be corrected?

Sorry but this complication is because you had to much excess skin thus a wrinkling event has occurred. Treatment is 6 months healing than a skin only full TT. Discuss with your surgeon, the why???

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Irregularities After Liposuction

Based on your pictures you do appear to have some irregularities in your abdomen.  The can be as a result of your garment, as a result of a fluid collection (Seroma), as a result of aggressive healing, or a combination of these.  At five weeks out your are early enough to have some intervention with this.  In our practice we use a combination of external ultrasound, radiofrequency, a diode laser, and lymphatic massage to attempt to improve on this.  Also we would look to see if you had a seroma as well.  If irregularities are allowed to stay long enough they can become permeant as part of your result.  I suggest calling again or even perhaps showing up at your surgeons office if you can't get a response. 

John Millard, MD
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Poor result from liposuction will probably require an abdominoplasty for correction.

It looks as though you've got a major surplus of skin. If that's the case then only excision will solve the problem. I'm a little worried about the character of the skin. Did you have laser or ultrasonically assisted liposuction?

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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