How can I fix my scleral show? (Photo)

I have Scleral Show that is corrected whenever I smile or squint. I'd like to know what my options are in tackling this issue, and what would the costs be (Florida). Thanks

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Scleral show

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You would probably need some canthal tendon anchoring laterally to pull your lower lid up and tighten it to your bony orbit.this will lift your lower lid and put it in a more normal position.Cost would be around maybe 4 to 5500

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Scleral show

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Thank you for the question and your photos. Scleral show, in your case, is derived from the lower eyelid and orbit anatomical relationship. Your eyelid is either too loose or too short to cover the white part of the eye below the iris and pupil. In some cases this can be fixed cosmetically, though it may require a midface lift, canthoplasty, or other eyelid surgery. Please meet with a board certified specialist before deciding what to do.

Scleral Show

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Hi Genesis550i,

Thanks for the photos. Lateral views would have given also a lot of information. My recommendation would be to consult with a Facial Plastic Surgeon. By photos it looks like you may have some malar bone (cheek bone) insufficiency. if more projection to your cheek bone is given, that might solve your problem. There are different ways of augmenting your cheek bone. you can start with Voluma injections, fat graft, or cheek implants.

Anyways, a proper in person consultation will give more information of what you might need in order to help correct this problem.

Hope this helsp,
Dr, Gus Diaz

Gustavo A. Diaz, MD
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