Fat is vanished after Brazilian Butt Lift. If I gain the weight back, will it distribute back to my butt? (PhotO)

I had brazilian butt lift surgery back in 2012 and my body was great. My weight has went up and down since then. Recently, I went vegan and did a hard workout session in the gym. I think I melted the fat off at gym. I lost MAJORITY of my butt. I am so sad. I can't get surgery again because I wouldn't have enough fat. My question: If I gain back the weight, will it distribute back most to my butt like after surgery, or will I gain the weight like I did before surgery (mostly gut)?

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Brazilian Butt Lift - distribution of weight gain

In short, yes, gain weight and some of your fat will look bigger again.  Fat transfer is an imprecise volume technique.  The research shows that about 30-40%  of all transferred fat will survive but the rest will likely get absorbed by the body.  Focus on your health though!  Best Wishes!!!

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Post Op BBL

Hi and thanks for the question. If you gain the weight back it should go back to your buttocks similar to how it was after surgery. Best of luck- Dr Hardy.

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