Will exercising help reduce my breast size? Also, is it "safe" to do so in terms of my back? (Photo)

I have grown a massive amount in only a few months and am trying anything to get my size down. Is it safe to exercise if I am this size?

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Will exercising help reduce my breast size? Also, is it "safe" to do so in terms of my back?

Breast tissue is made up of a combination of glandular tissue and fatty tissue. If your breast tissue has a decent amount of fat content then exercise will certainly reduce the size of your breasts some. How much? Now, that is not predictable. I'm not sure what you mean by safety of exercise with your back but would suggest speaking to your primary care MD or chiropractor if you have any health issues related to your back that might inhibit your ability to safely exercise.  If with exercise, you lose fat in the breasts, they may deflate some and a breast lift/reduction may be of interest to you.  Additionally, a breast reduction may be a good choice if you are unable to exercise due to larger breasts or if you do not lose volume with regular exercise.  As always, if you are considering plastic surgery please make sure to consult with board-certified plastic surgeons for best recommendations! Good luck!

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Will exercising help reduce my breast size? Also, is it "safe" to do so in terms of my back? (Photo)

Unusual breast gland enlargement might indicate other endocrine issues. Best to see your GYN or endocrine doctors to evaluate the rapid increase in breast size.

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Will exercising help reduce my breast size? Also, is it "safe" to do so in terms of my back?

If you are overweight, exercise and a healthy diet is recommended to reduce breast size. If however, you had a sudden increase in breast size without an increase in weight, you may need to see your primary physician. As far as safety is concerned, it is safe if you do not have any back issues (pain, numbness, tingling, etc). Without knowing your age or health status, it is difficult to give accurate advice. If you are still concerned, consult with your primary care doctor for an in office consultation and exam.  

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Exercise and breast size


If your increased breast size is due to weight gain, then losing weight through exercise and diet can decrease the size. Typically, while having large breasts may make some exercises uncomfortable, it is still safe to do exercises. Wearing a sports bra can help. But if you feel you are a candidate for breast reduction or might consider that route, I recommend seeing a plastic surgeon so he/she can guide you a little better.

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Will exercising reduce my breast size?

Breast tissue has no muscle so it is no affected by exercise per se. This being said, if you lose weight because of exercise then you will probably lose some of this breast tissue. I would pay a visit to your gynecologist to see if this increase in breast tissue is related to your hormones. You would also be starting some documentation in case you want to treat this problem surgically. Good luck.

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Will exercising help reduce my breast size? Also, is it "safe" to do so in terms of my back?

Thank you for the question. It is difficult to predict whether or not exercise will change your breast size;  as you can imagine, this will vary from one woman to another. In regards to safety of exercise, you will be best served running this question by your primary care physician; obtaining the help of a personal trainer may be a good investment also. 

 If despite best efforts you remain displeased with breast size, seek consultation with board certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate lots of examples achieving the types of outcomes you might be pleased with, with breast reduction surgery.

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