Emergency explant after 3 days; is there a doctor in Miami who can do it for me?

I had breast augmentation surgery 3 days ago, instead of me to be happy, i have been depressed, vomitting and crying... i want to have it explanted asap. is there a doctor in miami that can do it for me asap... its like an emergency to me... i really do not want it anymore.

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Emergency explant

It is not unusual to to have post op depression after cosmetic surgery. The vomiting is most likely due to the medications that you are taking. I would suggest that you wait to have your implants removed. It is not difficult to do at anytime. Your surgeon and his staff are the best resource you acn have to discuss these feelings. I am sure they have seen pts with thes feelings before and should be able to help you through your difficult time. we are here to help.

Weston Plastic Surgeon
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Emergency explant after 3 days; is there a doctor in Miami who can do it for me?

It's highly unusual after a thorough evaluation, consultation, and breast implant sizing- to feel so depressed at such an early post-op period. I would confer with your Operating Surgeon and discuss this in detail. Perhaps, you are overreacting to some degree. If after 3-6 months - you are still unhappy and want the implants out- then take them out.  

Thomas Trevisani, Sr., MD
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Breast implant removal

I'm sorry you are so unhappy with your implants.  Please know that women go through all types of emotions after surgery.  Because of this I encourage you to wait 6 months to see if you still feel the same about your implants.  If you don't want to do that and are sure you want them out I recommend speaking with the surgeon who put them in to assist you with explantation.

Camille Cash, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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