Double eyelid and low blepharoplasty. (photos)

I had an Asian surgery and also low blepharoplasty in about 8 years. Ended with An asymmetrical eyes, older and tired look. Aldo got a big scar on both eyes. I wanna get another surgery with another doctor but I'm afraid that my eyes will look even worse! By Getting another eyelid surgery, am I gonna b able to look younger, and I'll get rid of those ugly scars ? And what can I do to get rid of the amount of skin I get under my eyes? Bc I had lower blepharoplasty And nothing changed.

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Asian eyelid anchoring technique and fat transfer

Thank you for the photos.  I'd say you'd benefit from an anchoring technique Asian eyelid surgery to raise the eyelids themselves and lower the crease. It does appear you have ptosis on the left and right but worse on the left. Most likely this is NOT  from your original surgery but was under-recognized prior to the original surgery. For the hollowness for both the upper and lower eyelids I think fat transfer would be a good choice for your.  The upper eyelid blepharoplasty would not eliminate your "scars" but might improve or hide them.  Based on your photos I don't think you'll need lower blepharoplasty.  Best of luck. Make sure you get a number of consults with experienced Asian eyelid surgeons before proceeding with any procedures.

Chase Lay, MD

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