Can double bubble breast be redone? How did this happen? (photos)

I had a my breast done 1.5 ago after my baby. I lost a lot of breast tissue so I got BA. I noticed my natural breast crease was showing right after my surgery (see below) I've mentioned it to my Dr. He said it would go away in time. In time my breast crease shows more and more! I'm really disappointed, what could have caused this issue and can it be fixed? I saw him last year 9 months after my surgery and he said I would need it redone, But why did this happen? Can I trust the Dr to fix it.

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Double bubble

To accommodate such large implants your surgeon has had to lower your existing crease but sometimes the old crease is not entirely eliminated or re-forms over time causing a double bubble.

A small revision and a turnover flap can help this or even fat grafting but some surgery will be needed

Can Double Bubble Breast be Revised

Always contact your plastic surgeon if you have concerns about post-operative infection, bleeding, swelling, fever, excessive bruising, or any new and sudden changes in the feeling or look of your implants, breasts or incisions.

Any of the following may be post-op difficulties, about which it is best to contact your surgeon directly:

·       Excessive bleeding (hematoma) and bruising

·       Reduced sensation of #nipple

·       Deflation/rupture

·       Capsular contracture

·       Wrinkling/rippling. Palpable and/or visible

·       Firmness, and distorted appearance

·       Interference with breast feeding

·       Mammogram interference

·       Cost for revision surgery if necessary

·       Calcium deposits in the tissue around the implant

·       Breast tissue atrophy/chest wall deformity

·       Hypertrophic scarring

·       Tissue loss Infection requiring antibiotics or implant removal

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Double bubble

occurs when pocket is incorrectly created, this can absolutely be fixed. Going back to your surgeon is typically a good idea, but if he/she failed to recognize this was going to happen, then maybe consulting with a new plastic surgeon(s) would be a good idea

Can double bubble breast be redone? How did this happen?

The reason is the junction of the implant edge to the edge of the muscle and breast tissue edge. YES revision options are available. Best to seek expert 'fixit' surgeons.

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